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Discover the artisanal excellence of our handcrafted cold-processed soaps, created with the utmost commitment to quality. Our soap-making process is a labor of love, carefully selecting each ingredient to ensure a long-lasting, cleansing, yet skin-nourishing experience, delicately scented (except for our unscented bars), and proudly free of Palm oil.

Each batch receives personal attention, cut, and labeled by hand. While we strive for consistency in weight, slight variations may occur. Rest assured, you'll always receive, at minimum, the weight indicated on the label, often even more!

To extend the life of your soap, we recommend storing it in a dry area within your shower or tub, allowing it to drain fully after each use. Enhance its longevity with a soap lifter, soap saver bag, or a soap dish.

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Le Silo Bleu Gift box with soap, body butter, sugar scrub, a large 10oz candle, matches in a tube and a tube of bath salts all packaged in a premium branded box with blue and white flowers printed on it. Also included is a small wooden scoop for your bath products, a postcard and some France inspired stickers.

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